We begin with...
       A calm welcoming to our salon with gentle touch to relax.

A luxury aromatherapy bath with massage, using only the finest organic shampoo with therapeutic essential oils and botanicals.  Leaving your dogs coat and skin healthy with an incredible natural shine.    

  • Ears cleaned with a therapeutic herbal cleanse
  • Ear hairs plucked (only if applicable)
  • Anal Glands expressed (only if needed) 
  • Hand blown dried 
  • Breed standard style with scissoring or creative style to your liking.
  • Complete brush out and comb finish
  • Nails dremeled with file finish
  • Healing and soothing organic paw and nose balm
  • Teeth and Fresh Breath therapy
  • Finish off with an aromatherapy coat spray

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For your dogs ear health..we use only the finest handcrafted Organic Herbal Ear Wash to protect your Dog's ears naturally, a unique blend of soothing and healing herbal extracts and therapeutic essential oils. This amazing formula will protect your dogs ears without the use of chemicals. The formula is anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral.
Removes dirt and Wax this gentle formula cleans your dogs ears without drying chemicals.
This is the most nourishing and gentle truly effective ear wash that will stop itching, redness and odor!

We care about your pets oral hygiene too!
Our oral care therapy helps to break down tartar and plaque build up while balancing the good bacterial flora in the mouth. Freshens breath for those doggie kisses too!
 We offer only the finest all-natural, Wild & handcrafted Organic products
 Chemical and Cruelty Free Shampoo that is handcrafted with love with only the purest therapeutic essential oils that soothe and nourish moisturize dry or itchy skin, and encourages a healthy balance for the coat and skin. 
It is our belief that all dogs deserve to benefit from all the organic amenities we have to offer, they are included naturally with every groom. 

You love your dog and want your special friend to feel wonderful! Your dog's skin and coat perform many functions essential to their health. A healthy coat and skin provides warmth, maintains body temperature, and protects against fungus, bacteria and parasites. Your dog's skin and coat require special care to stay healthy which Aspenglow happily provides for them!
Skin and coat problems are very common among dogs. Conditions include: abscesses, odors, eczema, dermatitis, dander, hair loss and seborrhea. Commercial pet shampoos contain artificial additives that can dry your dogs skin. They consist of harsh chemicals and irritants that can either exacerbate a skin problem or contribute to a skin reaction, and are detrimental to your dogs over all health!

Our shampoo will clean, nourish and promote healing,  help with skin conditions, or just keep your dogs coat healthy, shiny and clean.

Got hair? We can help with the shedding issues, naturally. No need for harsh abrasive tool use that can be damaging to your dogs coat, or even harm their skin. 
"The value that Aspen Glow has added to our lives and the lives of our dogs is immeasurable! These days life is hectic for everyone, Aspen Glow provided us with real answers to real challenges in our life with Golden Retriever and our Bernese Mountain Dog. My husband and I work from home and we are raising two small children. After meeting Karen and Kelley, we began to realize that they weren't your "average dog groomers!" And we LOVED that! We were looking for someone to come in and educate us on the best care available for our four-legged doggie boys. Karen and Kelley made our life easy by educating us on the importance of getting into a routine schedule of doggie grooming/ maintenance. With each doggie spa visit, our dogs coats became easier and easier to maintain. The products that Aspen Glow uses to groom are all natural and helped to calm, soothe and most importantly, clean and improve our dog's coats. We needed help, Aspen Glow came to the rescue! Our dog's love their salon visits as much as we do. That says a lot about the loving care provided by the Aspen Glow gals. If you are looking for top-notch care for your furry friends, look no further... Aspen Glow is where it's at!"

                                 -Amber Warren, Castle Pines CO
They look amazing, the best we have ever seen them look! So glad we found you. 
                                        -Marcey A, Castle Rock CO
Karen and Kelley are not just fantastic groomers but also wonderful individuals. They show sincere care when handling my pets, especially my older English Springer Spaniel. I felt like they knew us for years on the first day we met them. Their service is superb and I highly recommend them.

                                       -Mary Beth Mainero, Castle Pines CO
Just Love!
We have lovely organic handcrafted paw balms to soothe and heal those dry weathered pads!