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Give us a call, we will be delighted to talk with you about a salon visit for your special friend!

PHONE:  720-985-3923

We cater to the following areas:

Castle Rock 
Castle Pines
South Parker
Our services are designed for those who desire to be on a regular frequent groom cycle.

As we would like to welcome all dogs, unfortunately we cannot accept aggressive and/or biting dogs as we do not employ muzzles, we do NOT advocate the use of harsh methods! Muzzles would only intensify the problem and completely stress a dog, putting the dog on immediate defense. As caring dog professionals with heart, we strongly encourage you to find out the underlying cause of your dogs fear or aggression towards the grooming process, as no dog should fear being groomed!
 If your dog perceives touch and grooming in a negative way, it may clearly be the result of unpleasant experiences. It’s far better to take the time to recondition your dog's negative mind set to grooming using a positive loving approach.  Force is never the solution!

We groom your dog as a whole..relaxed mind, body, and spirit!