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Our passion and love for animals has always lead our hearts first, while leading us to 40 plus years experience in the animal industry. With 35 plus years of professional grooming, we groom your dog with artful eye and great attention to detail as we capture the true essence of his character, via their own personal style. 
As professionals in our field we are always striving to provide that ultimate one on one very personalized positive experience for each and every pet in everything we do.  
 We have an extensive background in animal behavior and hold certification in dog training. Ask about our dog training services.
 Animal rescue has also played a major role in our lives as we founded our own non-profit animal rescue foundation Inc. We are animal advocates and believe in the well being of all animals. 
 We believe in the whole dog, peaceful minds, healthy bodies, contented spirits. We embrace this holistic philosophy as we extend this methodology with our services.  We continually keep ourselves educated about the health benefits of organics and how we can help to kindly sustain our planet by the choices we make!

  We love all animals and enjoy meeting people, and being mobile has given us a grand opportunity to broaden our circle of friendships.
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We invite you and your pet to become apart of our ever growing groom family!
"No one person has to do it all but if each one of us follow our heart and our own inclinations we will find the small things that we can do to create a sustainable future and a healthy environment."  --John Denver

Hi Ladies ....I just wanted to follow up w/ you that Kasey had a couple of awesome days after his pampering :) he is still with us ...he is having some major delay issues ....forgetting to take steps when he walks ....we have decided to go a more holistic route for his care...I will keep you posted....he loves the food you gave us to try ..thank you! You gave him a few extra days that have been so wonderful....when he got out of the truck I forgot how sick he was....he looked like my puppy! Reality set in pretty quick...but to see him pick up a ball for just a min was AWESOME! You mean so much to us thank you so ...much for taking the time to come help Kasey feel better..if there is anything I can ever do to give back to you what you have given me...please let me know....people like you are so rare these days...You are both so beautiful and I can't even begin to thank you! I will keep you posted on how he is doing....we hopefully will have a couple of months left with him ..he feels so much cooler and he looks just beautiful, thank you again for being so special! I hope you are doing well...
Please keep in touch! with lots of love...Kasey and Julie
My wife and I came across Aspenglow while looking for a mobile dog groomer when we moved to Castle Rock. Aspenglow met with our senior puppers at the time and it was the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Aspenglow always took such good care of our dogs and went the extra mile when we adopted our new addition to our family. They took the time to work with us to make him feel welcomed and comfortable everytime he got a bath. Even took extra steps to help us get him comfortable with having his nails done with a Dremel. 

He now gets nothing but praise from our new groomers in Kansas when its bath and nail time for how well behaved he is. We also learned that Aspenglow provided a "house sitting" service to look after and care for our pups when on long trips or vacations. It worked out wonderfully, as it allowed the pups to feel safe and comfortable in their own home while we were away. 

I can not stress enough how impressed and thankful we are for finding Aspenglow while we resided in CO. You could just tell that the health, safety, well being and love for our pups always was top priority with Aspenglow! We would still be having Aspenglow groom and look after our fur babys if we still lived there.  
Aspenglow, thank you again for everything!    -John and Sarah